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AG Shield bulletproof Soft Panel - Made with Kevlar®

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1. Made with Kevlar® by DuPont™ –the most respected name in ballistics.

2. NIJ Level IIIA certification
This certification means that it has been independently tested and confirmed to offer the highest level of protection available in soft body armor products. In fact, most personal body armor worn by law enforcement is only rated II or IIA.

To put this in real terms, this anti-ballistic material is resistant to nearly all handgun ammunition

  • 22SR,
  • 22LR
  • 25,
  • 32,
  • 38,
  • 380,
  • 357 Magnum,
  • 9mm Full Metal Jacket,
  • 40 Cal.,
  • 45cal. and
  • 44 Magnum

3. Stab, slice, and puncture-resistant. No matter how they come at you, they won’t get through the AG Shield.

4. Includes: 1 Soft Panel & Carrying Case

5. Made in the USA

6. Free Shipping to the USA




AG SHIELD tests all its products in line with the standards outlined by the US
National Institute of Justice All of our products are tested in certified laboratory conditions. We guarantee that our products will meet the appropriate standards of testing and safety, but we can never guarantee 100% protection, as body armor protection is never 100% guaranteed.

AG SHIELD cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred during the wearing of protective clothing. The product you purchase is guaranteed to meet appropriate standards of testing and quality however and will offer protection up to and including the weapons and/or ammunition outlined in the official documentation. Body armor can only protect against threats outlined at its respective level and cannot protect against any weapons and/or ammunition at a higher level.

All AG SHIELD products are guaranteed to meet the appropriate standards of testing and safety. AG SHIELD is not liable for any injuries you sustain while wearing body armor.

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Marco R.
United States United States

Light and bulk free

I put this soft panel in the laptop sleeve in my backpack and keep it there. Honestly, I don’t feel the extra weight at all. Gives me a peace of mind knowing that this panel might just save my life if something bad happens. Strange times we are living in.

William P.
United States United States

Commuters Essential

This is a must backpack insert in my opinion. I keep this in my commute backpack every day and knowing its functions along with it being made with Kevlar from Dupont I’m extremely confident with the product.