Disclaimer – AG Shield

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AGSHIELD tests all its products in line with the standards outlined by the US
National Institute of Justice All of our products are tested in certified
laboratory conditions.

We guarantee that our products will meet the
appropriate standards of testing and safety, but we can never guarantee
100% protection, as body armor protection is never 100% guaranteed.

AGSHIELD cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred during the
wearing of protective clothing. The product you purchase is guaranteed to
meet appropriate standards of testing and quality however and will offer
protection up to and including the weapons and/or ammunition outlined in
official documentation. Body armor can only protect against threats outlined
at its respective level and cannot protect against any weapons and/or
ammunition at a higher level.

All AGSHIELD products are guaranteed to meet the appropriate standards of testing and safety. AGSHIELD is not liable for any injuries you sustain while wearing body armor.